Day 1:

Private transfer from Fiumicino Airportto Hotel in Rome 

Rest of the day at leisure 

Day 2:

Breakfast in the hotel

St. Peter and Vatican Museum

Rome, the "EternalCity," has been a sacred place and internationally important city since ancient times. Enjoy a deep tour of the Vatican Museum and St. Peter Basilica. A private English speaking guide will bring you to discover theVaticanMuseum. You will see the important collections of art that various popes have acquired throughout the centuries and you will arrive to  the magnificent Sistine Chapel decorated by Michelangelo.

The tour will then proceed to St. Peter's Basilica, where you will view the art treasures of the largest Ro­man Catholic Church in the world, including Michelangelo's Pietà and the Tombs of the Popes. 

Rest of the day at leisure 

Day 3:

Breakfast in the hotel 

The Basilicas of Rome

This full day tour will be dedicated to the visit of the most important Basilicas of the Roman Christianity.

The tour will include the visit of the Basilica of the Holy Cross inJerusalemthat keeps the Relics of the Passion of Jesus in the Chapel of Relics upstairs the left aisles. The most famous ones are the fragments of the Holy Cross of Jesus, found by St. Helena on Calvarium inJerusalem, St. John Lateran. It is here that St. Francis persuaded Pope Innocent III to give permission to begin the Franciscan Order. Nearby is the Holy Stair, the legendary stairs which Christ climbed prior to be convicted by Pontius Pilate, St. Maria Maggiore the largest church inRomededicated to the Blessed Mother, St. Lawrence outside the walls, an ancient basilica with a wealth of early Christian artifacts. You will conclude with a brief visit of Coliseum from outside. 

Day 4:

Breakfast in the Hotel 

Coliseum and walking tour

You will begin your tour from some of the sites of Ancient Rome, including the Forum and Coliseum. Its real name was the Flavian Amphitheatre, after the emperors who built it in the first century after Christ. Coliseum refers to the "colossal" statue of Nero that at one time stood at the entrance.

In the afternoon a Private English speaking guide will lead you on a walking tour of the historic central Rome, including Campidoglio, St. Maria Aracoeli, Chiesa del Gesu’, St. Ignazio, Pantheon, St. Maria Sopra Minerva, St. Agostino, Piazza Navona and St. Agnese. 

Day 5:

Breakfast in the Hotel 

Day at leisure. Take the chance to explore the eternal city. 

Day 6:

Breakfast in the Hotel 

Catacombs, St. Paolo Outside the Walls and the Abbey of the Three Fountains 

Today you will be directed to the Via Appia Antica, the first consolarRoman Street. It was alongside this road that Paul arrived toRome to be judged by the Roman emperor.

Later on, you will visit the catacombs of St. Sebastian, St. Domitilla or St. Callisto developed in this area, one of the many underground cemeteries used by the early Christian community.

The guide will lead you where Paul was executed and where in the 7th century the Abbey of the Three Fountains was built.

hree churches can be seen within the boundaries of the Abbey. Tradition recounts that during the beheaded ofSt. Paul, three springs gushed out at each spot touched from his head.

The tomb of the Apostle is located underneath the main altar of St. Paul outside the Walls, the second-largest church inRome. Built by the emperor Constantine in the 4th century, it was destroyed by a fire in 1823 and rebuilt, but it still gives us an idea of the magnificence of Early Christian Basilicas. Luckily, the beautiful 13th century mosaic in the apse and the poetic cloister have been spared and can still be admired. 

Day 7:

Breakfast in the Hotel 

Walking tour in Rome city center

In the morning a Private English Speaking Guide will accompany you on a walking tour of the historic center of Rome, including Piazza del Popolo, St. Maria del Popolo, SS. Ambrogio e Carlo, Piazza di Spagna, St. Andrea delle Fratte, Trevi Fountain, SS. Apostoli, Piazza venezia, St. Marco Evangelista. 

Rest of the day at leisure 

Day 8:

Breakfast in the Hotel 

Full day tour  to the Pope’s summer residence at Castelgandolfo

Just a few miles from the hustle and bustle of Rome is the area of the Alban Hills: wonderful views, lakes, chestnut woods, vineyards, picturesque little villages and small towns and the Pope’s summer residence at Castelgandolfo.

Located south of Romein the Alban hills, the property includes the extensive Barberini gardens, the remains of a Roman villa and a 62 acrefarm, as well as the ancient Papal Palace. 

Day 9:

Breakfast in the Hotel

Private transfer from Hotel in Rome to Rome Airport 



Full day tour  to Assisi

St. Francis of Assisiis perhaps the most well-loved saint inItalyand perhaps in the world. His birthplace, Assisi, is one of the most beautiful cities to visit on your trip toItaly. During the drive toAssisi, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way as you leave the rustic countryside of Lazio and enter the lush region ofUmbria.

InAssisia Private English Speaking guide will conduct you inside the Basilica of St. Francis, one of the most important Catholic churches in the world.


*According to the tours clients will have the possibility to celebrate daily masses


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