Departure City: GUBBIO

Meeting Point: ON SITE

Gubbio Ambassador

Massari Ambassador


Duration: APPROX 2HRS


Are you ready for a journey?

Let us take you by the hand on this journey into beauty. In Gubbio, at Largo del Bargello, in front of the Fountain of the Madmen, take a seat in the Gypsea Art Workshop. Patrizia will accompany you into the fascinating world of stucco. It is a story as old as man; the footprints in the mud can be considered primordial molds. Everything is born from plaster dust that skilled hands transform into artifacts of art and with this is prepared the dough to be poured into the molds that are made by the Bottega. The whole creative-production process, in fact, is the result of research, experience and know-how accumulated over many years. Now have fun: put on your aprons, use your brushes, paints, earths, glues, illuminate with brass, silver, gold leaf, paint with antique lacquers, pass beeswax, sign your work to make it truly unique! Finally, get Patrizia's advice in choosing the right accessory, ribbon or bow that will enhance your work and help you decorate your home.Now you are truly ready to receive the "To Be Stuccoed" diploma as a testament of Your art journey, but the experience does not end there. Do you remember where you are? In front of you is the Fountain of Fools. Tradition has it that in this magical and lucky place, with a playful ritual You will become honorary madmen of Gubbio. The parchment license that will be handed to You,will bear your name and date and attest to your new citizenship. Embark with us on a mesmerizing voyage, delving deep into the intricate world of stucco craftsmanship. Together, we'll breathe life into an extraordinary sunflower, a living canvas that pays tribute to the vibrant hues of our beloved land. Through this creative odyssey, we'll unravel the age-old tale of Clizia, the nymph whose heart was captured by Apollo, forging an eternal bond with the radiant sun. Join us in this artistic endeavor, where every stroke of the brush and every touch of stucco brings us closer to a masterpiece that echoes the very soul of our heritage. Have fun!



  • Introduction to the art of stucco work, leaf gilding and painting

  • Delivered materials: decorated material, participation diploma, madman's license

Not included: 
  • Gratuities

  • Anything not specified in the Inclusions

IMPORTANT NOTES: not suitable for people with allergies to rubber gloves