Departure City: AMALFI - Coast

Meeting Point: VIA DELLE CARTIERE, 59 84011 - AMALFI SA


Duration: APPROX 2 HRS

The Gold of Amalfi Coast: a unique Lemon Experience

The Gold of Amalfi Coast: a unique Lemon Experience We all know that the Amalfi Coast is all about lemons starting from the iconic liqueur "Limoncello" to the delicious lemon cake "Delizia al Limone" but with this exclusive experience you will have the privilege of spending a day with the family who has brought the "Amalfi" to be known and appreciated all over the world. You will be able to walk the terraces set on the slopes seen in every photo of the coast, which the work of the farmers has carved over the centuries making it unique in the world and learn everything about the Sfusato Amalfitano, which arrived centuries ago from the East and now boasts the recognition of European Protected Geographical Indication. With this unique experience you will have the opportunity to feel and savor the true essence of the Amalfi Coast by discovering the stages of production: from cultivation to tasting the delicacies produced on the farm. It will be a fascinating journey led by the inhabitants and workers in love with this land, who for 6 generations have been cultivating, protecting and enhancing the world with passion and dedication.

Notes: Every day except Sunday , departure at 11.00pm, 16.00pm. duration about 2 hrs