Departure City: ROME



Duration: APPROX 3 HRS

Private - Journey into Jewish Rome: Between History and Gastronomy

This private tour is a journey through time and space to discover the history of the Roman Jews, among the oldest inhabitants of the Eternal City.

An itinerary full of anecdotes and curiosities from the Republican era to the present days, a long and fascinating history alternating dark moments and moments of rebirth and hope.

Starting from the Trajan's Column, we will discover how the Jews lived in the period of the Roman Empire, and then venture towards the Teatro Marcello and the heart of the Ghetto.

Passing through the Pons Judaeorum, the Portico d'Ottavia, the Synagogue, Via della Reginella and Piazza Mattei, we will discover legends, traditions and testimonies of one of the communities most affected by the dramatic Nazi-Fascist history: the roundup on 16 October 1943.

Today one of the liveliest districts of the city, the ghetto is now not only a place of memory, but also a destination for many Romans and tourists who love good food.

In fact, no Jewish Ghetto Tour can be considered concluded without at least a taste of the delicious Roman-Jewish cuisine.

Roman Jewish cuisine is a fusion of culinary influences and styles stemming from the diverse geographical origins of the religious community.

 The Spanish (Sephardi) origin of many Jews brought a Mediterranean flair to local Jewish cuisine, evident in the almost exclusive use of olive oil, which was a luxury for most Romans at the time.

The “Giudia artichokes”, cooked almost immersed in olive oil, are the best known example and you will enjoy them at their best accompanied by a glass of excellent Kosher red wine!



  • Private guide at disposal for 3 hours
  • Round trip transfer from Hotel to Jewish Ghetto and vice versa
  • Admission Ticket to the Jewish Museum and Synagogue
  • Roman-Jewish fried artichokes with 1 glass of Kosher Wine

Not Included:

  • Gratuities

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